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The Work - by Byron Katie

Posted on October 6, 2013 at 6:05 PM

The Reason for Focusing on The Work by Byron Katie

I attended my first mini-workshop on The Work in about 2005, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The workshop was about 90 minutes in duration. The facilitator was doing the workshop at an association where the topic was dealing with depression and bipolar disorder. The facilitator had used the tools from The Work to manage with her own bipolar and depression effectively. She was also trained by Byron Katie in the USA to facilitate these workshops.

In such a short time, the impact was positively shocking and so I attended another workshop and began studying and using The Work on myself and later in therapy and coaching others. The simplicity and power of the free tools are amazing.

The Little Book by Byron Katie - an excerpt from "Loving What Is"

One FREE ebook I have put into "The Magic FreeStuff" Members site is The Little Book. It is an excerpt from "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. It gives a summary of The Work, an approach developed by Byron Katie, who writes:

"The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the thoughts that cause all the suffering in the world. It’s a way to understand what’s hurting you, and to address the cause of your problems with clarity."

Byron says it's "a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature".

How Have I Benefited from The Work?

What struck me from the start was the simplicity of the process. It begins by writing down (or telling) your story. Then asking the Four Questions and the final Turnaround gets to the root cause of my thinking and belief system within minutes. The turnaround helps me to explore new thought patterns, new perspectives and new ways for me to re-pattern my mind.

Example "story": I'm stressed because I don't have enough resources to do what I want to.

The Four Questions for Enquiry

After writing down or telling my story about what is stressing or depressing me, I ask these simple questions:

    1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
    2. Can you absolutely know that it's true? (Yes or no.)
    3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
    4. Who would you be without the thought?

The Turnaround

Turn the thought around. Then find at least three specific, genuine examples of how each turnaround is true for you in this situation.

Example based on earlier "story": 

    1. I'm stressed because I don't know how best to use the resources I do have.
    2. I want to be clear about what I want.
    3. I am willing to learn how to value and utilise my resources.

In conclusion. Working on my personal transformation and my therapeutic work with clients, I have been astounded by the speed of progress when I have used and taught The Work to clients.

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To Life,

Peter Guess | B.Soc.Sc.(Social Work)

p.s. Visit The Work here and look at all the amazing FREE resources available.

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