"You tend to think that you are alone in your struggle. Nobody seems to understand you. All you see is darkness. And then, one day, a kind person says to you: "There is always hope, no matter what." Mmm... Talk is cheap. Outsiders often tell you to pull yourself together, life is not that bad or difficult, but they don't have a clue what bipolar is like. What made these words different for me and why it touched me, was because it was said by a fellow-survivor - Peter (site owner) and I knew it was true... Remember, there is ALWAYS hope!" 

- SunFairy (from my Living with Bipolar & Depression site)

"The man who knows

Exactly which questions to ask

To bring to light

Pain and it's brothers;

Guilt, Shame and Regret.

"You kind Sir,

Have helped to set me free!

Your grace and unfailing kindness

Will not be forgotten.

Your wisdom & sound advice

Will not go to waste.

"May you enjoy the same relief,

Freedom & Hope

That You have helped take root in me." 

- An Anonymous Client ( completed a 3 week addiction treatment programme early in 2013, for a crack and LSD substance abuse disorder )

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